Saturday, August 20, 2016

119: The war of the roses?

Crossing the Susquehanna River
From Lancaster yesterday, we took a short ride to York. Those of you familiar with English history will recognize these cities as the seats of the powers that engaged in the "War of the Roses." I think York was white rose, and Lancaster red. Don't quote me on it! These cities don't seem to have any quarrel with each other, as far as we could see.  We asked our Warm Showers hosts if the annual football game between the cities' high schools was known as the war of the roses and they didn't know - their kids were grown before them came to the area so high school football was not something they followed.

There are a lot of very fine old homes and buildings in these towns. Quite a few of the towns in the area predate the American Revolution and many of the structures do as well, so it's pretty cool to see these old structures.
Pennsylvania row houses

This was a really short day on the bike. We both were flagging and the thought of getting all the way to Gettysburg (our next selected destination) was overwhelming. So we took the offer of our Warm Showers hosts Jane and Paul to stay Friday instead of Saturday and just had a great time off the bike. It was almost like real life!

At Crystal Ball Brewing
Buttermilk pie!

A movie!
We visited a neighborhood brewery - Crystal Ball Brewing Company - and then Jane and Paul fixed a great dinner and then we accompanied them downtown to a movie! Our first movie in months! It was very interesting - a documentary on Frank Zappa.

After breakfast the next day, Paul rode us out of town and we headed for Gettysburg.
Paul escorted us out of town

A wonderful old log home
As to route:  we are trying to figure out how to get to Texas with the least pain from these old mountain roads. We stopped at Triple A and picked up a slew of maps for the states we expect to ride through. For the time being, we are aiming for Houston each day, then selecting a destination about 50 miles down that path that has somewhere to stay, and navigating toward it. It's not clear if we'll be able to stick to this approach but at least we are not heading north or east anymore, as we were on the Adventure Cycling route.

The day's report:  Lancaster to York, 23.7 miles/5688 to date

The route profile is here

The central stone says "Built by John and Catherine Cox 1790"

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  1. Kathy-

    Paul and I are from that area - I grew up in York and Paul in Lancaster, and we raised our boys in Lititz, PA before moving to Redlands when they were teenagers.

    Yes, there is a War of the Roses football game held on Thanksgiving every year. The best HS players from Lancaster play the best from York. Our nephew played football for Manheim Twp. High School in Lancaster and had the privilege of playing for the Red Rose team in 2005!

    We so enjoy hearing about your adventures. Keep rolling and stay safe!

    Carol and Paul Ross


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