Thursday, August 4, 2016

103: Hanging with the family

We really enjoyed spending a day with Lisa and John and the kids. Ran a few errands, got my hair cut, had some great strawberry shortcakes for lunch (thanks Roger and Kelemua!)
Shortcakes are love!

Roger had ordered some tires to be delivered at their home so he put them on, and took the kids out for a short ride to make sure everything was A-ok.
Roger and Kelemua

Dinner was great pizza at the local Flatbread joint, and then a wonderful treat called a "Cree-mee" which is a soft-serve ice cream. The local flavorite is maple. It is wonderful!
Full of pizza

We wanted to stop by to say "hello" to Bernie but figured he needed his rest.  John and Lisa said the Secret Service guys just pulled out a few days ago.

Senator Sanders was home, but not out this morning
And that's how it goes!

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