Thursday, August 4, 2016

104: Climbing to get nowhere

We were glad to get an escort out to the bike path this morning from Wondu. After our farewells, we headed south and began our first day of the trip back home.
Wondu led us to the bike trail

For those of you keeping track, that was 5,144 miles to get to Burlington. We'll see what it takes to get home.
Very pretty along Lake Champlain this morning

It was another pretty day riding through the Vermont country side.  We passed quite a number of dairy farms, pretty much like the one below.
Vermont dairy farm

It was very UP and DOWN all day.  Roger's Garmin recorded over 4000 feet of climbing, but we only ever made it up to about 450 feet of elevation. So that's the same 100 feet, over and over! He said he thought there was probably a climb in every mile of the trip, and he was right - there were 60 of them in our 69 mile ride today!  Plus a headwind - did I mention the headwind?  Anyway, the end result of all that is we are beat.

We are staying in a cool old mansion in Fair Haven, built of marble. Tomorrow we're camping though - so it all evens out!
The Marble Mansion Inn

The main salon at the Inn
The day's report:  Burlington to Fair Haven, 69.2 miles/5213 to date

The day's route profile

(Note all the ups and downs!)


  1. 6 h 19 min (66.2 miles)
    via VT-22A S
    +2,159 ft · 1,969 ft
    404 ft 115 ft

  2. Seems like the day after a rest day is always hard. Any correlation?

    1. Not that I have noticed. I usually feel pretty fresh and comfortable after a day off. These were just hard miles, is all!


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