Thursday, August 18, 2016

118: Plain and fancy

Morning came too soon today. It was overcast outside and drizzling when Roger first woke up, but that was done by the time we finally got the bike loaded and got ourselves onto the road. Now I'm looking at these big billowing great clouds across the sky and wondering if we're going to get caught in a shower today. That would be fine, because it's really so hot it would be refreshing to be riding wet!
Beautiful farms of Lancaster County

We spent most of the day riding through Lancaster County, the renowned "Amish country" of central Pennsylvania. We've ridden past many Amish farms on our trip so far - in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and upstate New York. Based on the churches that we saw on our route today, I would say that most of these were Mennonite. I don't know what the differences are, but I can say that we saw more color here - even in the flowers and on the women's dresses. 

Roger has the buggy in his sights
Since they have chosen a lifestyle based on their values and faith practice, and not to entertain us, I didn't try to get pictures of the folks going by in their buggies. They were too close, and I felt that might be an imposition. With this one exception: Roger was hopeful that we would overtake a buggy, and when it became obvious that we were going to do so, I tried to get a shot from behind. 

I guess I needn't have worried. Not too long after we passed the young woman driving this buggy, we passed a big place "the Plain and Fancy Farm" set up like a carnival where you could take a buggy ride, visit an Amish farm, have a conversation with an Amish family, etc. I will note that these were very well-kept and prosperous-looking farms. Perhaps they make more demonstrating their lifestyle than they do as farmers! 

I think that Thursday must be wash day. Many, many homes had long clotheslines full of sheets, towels, and clothing. 

Everyone had wash out on long lines hung by pulleys from their homes and barns
And while most of the people we passed going the other way were unresponsive to our waves as they went by, I am happy to report that a couple of older women passing in a buggy smiled, waved and even leaned out to say, "good job" as we labored past on an uphill!

We stopped for lunch in Intercourse, PA, and of course, had to mark the occasion with a photo. I guess everyone does! 
Because, well - because

And by the way - no rain after all. It actually got a bit more pleasant weather-wise but we were still battling the 12 to 15% grades throughout the day. Ouch!

The day's report:  Exton to Lancaster, 45.3 miles/5664 to date


  1. What a name for a town! I bet there are some really interesting pics posted with that hash tag!😱😂

  2. "We stopped for lunch in Intercourse, PA, and of course, had to mark the occasion with...." Whew, I wasn't sure where you were going with that! 😳


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