Sunday, August 14, 2016

112: Ashokan Farewell

All week, there has been a jigsaw puzzle in the dining room, and Roger, Dana and Phebee were hard at work on Friday morning trying to complete it.  Violette, not so much!

Placing a piece

It's all too much for Violette

Those of our friends who enjoy folk music (or have seen the Ken Burns documentary on the Civil War) have probably heard either Roger or me explain our relationship to the composer of the lovely, haunting tune "Ashokan Farewell." If you aren't one of those folk, then here it is:  Roger's sister Lyn was Jay Ungar's first wife.  So Roger and Jay were once brothers-in-law, and Lyn and Jay's daughter Ruthy is his niece. She, like both her parents, is a musician, and married a musician, Mike Merenda. So we also have a connection to the Mike and Ruthy Band.  Or just Mike and Ruthy, depending on the gig. There's always music involved whenever we are with any portion of Roger's family.

Jay and his wife Molly Mason (also a musician) were at the final day of the family camp, and one of the highlights of our final gathering was a chance to hear him play his beautiful tune - and everyone else play along. You can hear and see the waltz below by clicking the link.

Ashokan Farewell - Jay Ungar

It was a great ending to a great week, and then Roger and Dana rode the bike over to Lyn's house, while I got the girls and the gear loaded up.  Roger took the direct route, over Ohayo Mountain Road. Steep!  Even in the car, it's pretty daunting. And we've been having a heat wave up here. Temps in the 90s and very high humidity. They needed a cool-down when they arrived. Lyn was happy to oblige!

Heading out
Right before the climb

The day's report:  Ashokan to Woodstock, 11 miles.

Check out the route
Cooling off after the ride

Our accommodations at the camp were in this cool lodge. 
Lyn gives the girls a manicure


  1. Great pictures! We had such a fun and special week. Thanks for making it happen!

  2. Great pictures! We had such a fun and special week. Thanks for making it happen!


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