Sunday, August 7, 2016

105: Back into the Wayback Machine

Today I had another trip in the Wayback Machine. We had a visit from my old friend from my University of Minnesota days, Diane Collins. She drove up from her home near Boston to visit with us here and have dinner. It was a real treat to get a chance to catch up on each other's lives.  I think she wins the prize for coming the farthest to be part of our excellent adventure! 
Kathy and Diane at dinner

Our day on the bike was much like yesterday: nearly 3000 feet up, a similar number of feet down, and all of it happening in about 65 miles. We rode past dairy farms, cornfields, and pretty wildflowers just as we did yesterday.

Stone foundation on old barn

We rode out of Vermont in just a couple of miles and spent most of the day winding south in New York. The head winds were not as strong as they were yesterday, but we definitely did not get any help from a tailwind.

We are pleased to see that there are small-ish solar power installations here and there in the fields, which is a cool thing.

Breakfast at the Marble Mansion, by the way, was outstanding!  She had prepared a delicious bacon quiche, as well as waffles, yogurt and fresh berries. Roger and I had a hard time leaving the table, which was set with real silver, crystal and Limoges china. I felt like a queen! This was a marked contrast from some of our meals, which we have eaten sitting on the side of the highway with rocks for seats.

One other note: we broke one of our rules last night. Our hostess offered us the basement to store the tandem, but since it was several steps down, and there was a spot behind the house that was secluded, we figured the bike would be safe without putting it in the house. (Which would have been a struggle.) Well, no humans messed with it, but we had forgotten about the trail mix in the pack, and so of course we had a visitor (or more) that found the food and had a ball. Oh, well. We didn't want those little packets of string cheese anymore, anyway!  Our campsite this evening was near a stream, and though the camp host said they don't usually have any trouble with "critters," I took the precaution of moving what remained of our food into the tent with us. Just in case.

The day's report: Fair Haven to Petersburg, 64.1 miles/5277 to date

There are some great old houses up here

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