Wednesday, August 10, 2016

108: Sitting in for Behrens . . .

We have a substitution.
Peter escorted Roger and Dana to the bridge

For the ride from the red barn to Ashoken Center, I gave up my seat on the tandem to Dana. I came along afterwards with the girls and the luggage.
The packs got a lift to Ashoken

That turned out to be a good thing, because the route that Roger and Dana took had some very steep sections, and they were able to climb them unencumbered with the panniers. Of course, that means that she didn't really get the full touring experience, but I was so happy for the extra time with Linda and the girls had to be pried out of the barn anyway, so all was well.

Phebee with Serena's doll house
While we have been riding through Vermont and New York, we have passed a score of towns with signs proudly proclaiming, "Settled in 1766" or "Established 1762."  I enjoy thinking about these very early times, and wondering what life was like for the people who were up here before the American Revolution. There are so many beautiful old buildings and houses. Every town seems to have at least a few that are well-preserved as well as some that are falling down. It brings to mind my own small town and our efforts to preserve and protect the structures that were part of its early history. It is so important to have these links to our past. And - judging by the places that are doing well, and look prosperous as we ride through - it's also very good business for a community!

Trying to figure out the selfie command
We are going to spend a week at the Ashoken Center, which is a beautiful camp and facility at one of the reservoirs that provides New York City with its water. Roger's former brother-in-law, Jay Ungar, and his wife, Molly Mason, have been instrumental in preserving this place and have established a number of camps here for music and dance. We will be at "family camp" - a great multi-generational gathering for all sorts of arts and outdoor activities.

Because it is here, and because we really needed a little break, and because Roger's sister, Lyn, and his half-sister Lisa and her family are all nearby, we figured why not get Dana and the girls out here also?  Roger's niece Ruthy and her family are nearby, so we were able to get the whole dang crew (minus two hard-working dads) into one frame for the first-ever extended family photo of the clan.

So we got Jay and Molly, and Ruthy and her kids Will and Opal, and Lyn, and Lisa and John with their kids Kelemua and Wondu, and Dana and Phebee and Violette, and me and Roger, and the photographer did a great job, don't you think?

Serena, Linda and Kathy

The day's report:  Hudson to Ashokan, 44 miles/5376 miles to date

And here we all are!  Molly and Jay, Lyn, John and Lisa, Kathy and Roger
Violette, Will, Opal, Phebee
Dana, Ruthy, Kelemua and Wondu


  1. Picture perfect and documenting past, present and future. Such a gift to the Hardy clan. Can you wipe the grin off Roger, naw, let him keep it......

  2. Picture perfect and documenting past, present and future. Such a gift to the Hardy clan. Can you wipe the grin off Roger, naw, let him keep it......


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